“The Kurds’ heroic stand against ISIS”
The New York Times 16/03/2015.
Text By Scott Atran and Douglas M. Stone
Art Directon by Matthew Dorfman

“Coal, an Outlaw Enterprise”
The New York Times 18/12/2014
Text by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Art Direction by Matt Dorfman

“Darkness falls on Gaza” 23/07/2014
Text by Mohammed Omer
Art Direction by Matt Dorfman

“Crimea, the Tinderbox” 03/03/2014
Text by Charles King
Art Direction by Matthew Dorffman

“Ideas for Cutting Prison Spending” 23/11/2012
Text by Soffiyah Elijah, Richard T. Cassidy and Frank Ryan
Art Direction by Alexandra Zsigmond

“A Matter of Taste?” 28/10/2012‎
Text by William Deresiewicz
Art Direction by Erich Nagler

“Keep Up the Pressure on Myanmar’s Generals” 06/03/2012
Text by Peter Popham
Art Direction by Matthew Dorfman